The new beauty trend Solid shampoo/Conditioner bar

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The new beauty trend Solid shampoo/Conditioner bar, Beauty in your own bathroom’

The new beauty trend Solid shampoo/Conditioner bar: this time its the solid soaps, conditioners and shampoo bars, or the old-fashioned soap in a hip jacket.

When hairdressers and beauticians closed during the lockdown, in-house beauty rituals became more popular. The professionals are open again, but the DIY has stuck a bit. Lets try the new beauty trend

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Beauty in your own bathroom: solid soap and shampoo/ Conditioner 

The latest beauty trends, the fun part is: there is actually nothing new about it. Solids are just old-fashioned soaps as you know them from your grandma’s toilet. One block, nothing more and nothing less. For a while, these soaps have been popping up in our timelines more and more. This newfound popularity is not surprising, the main reason: you often save money, and plastic anyway. It goes without saying that the amount of this material on our planet is a major problem. Using less plastic is welcome – the fish in the sea will thank you.

The new beauty trend Solid shampoo/Conditioner bar:

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Grandmother’s soap is compact, durable and saves plastic

Not only are soap, shampoo and conditioner often in plastic bottles (recycled or not), because you buy them in that form, you use a lot more plastic than you think. Soap in a bottle contains much more water than actual cleaning product, so you use it faster. Refilling is an option – although the refill is often also in plastic – but many people simply buy a new bottle. For example, the plastic problem is getting worse.

These solid soaps are a solution because they are usually not packed in plastic but in cardboard and because it is pure soap, so you can use them much longer than with the liquid version. Another rough trend analysis: Due to the growing interest in sustainable, clean beauty products, solids are increasingly popular. In addition, they fit completely in the nostalgic street. Another plus to solids: the compactness makes it easy to take them with you when traveling.






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