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The perfect order to apply your face makeup

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The perfect order to apply your face makeup step out the door flawless.

The perfect order to apply your face makeup: Do you take notes? That way you step out the door flawless.

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Do you always wonder what is really the right and most effective way to apply your make-up?

The right steps for you once and for all, so that from now on you will always leave the house flawless!

1. Cleaning

First things first! After cleansing, all the dirt is off your face, so you can apply your make-up to even and clean skin. This gives a nicer affect. Then use a tonic/toner for beautiful, even pores.

2. Creams

Now is the right time to apply eye and face creams. Under makeup, it can continue to do its job well and protect your skin against dirt and other external factors. Allow the creams to take effect before continuing with the next step.

3. SPF

It’s important to protect your skin from the sun and to avoid extra wrinkles, it’s a must! Use this over your daily care routine, but under your makeup for best results.

4. Primer

A primer is intended as an undercoat for the make-up so that it does not slip on your face. So it keeps everything in place all day long, and also ensures an even effect.

5. Foundation

When all skincare is done, it’s time for foundation. You make a base for the rest of the look. All spots and impurities are masked. If you are not a fan of foundation, there are plenty of other alternatives: BB cream, CC cream, tinted moisturizer.

The perfect order to apply your face makeup

6. Concealer

Still some pimples, dark circles, or other impurities that come through the foundation? You can hide this with concealer. It is not recommended to apply the concealer underneath your foundation as it will wipe it off the moment you apply your foundation.

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7. Powder

The powder is needed to fix everything for the rest of the day. This way the make-up stays in place even better and it mattifies your face, so you don’t shine.

8. Bronzer first, then blush

Start with bronzer to add some color to the face. Top this off with blush on the apples of your cheeks. To look glowy: highlighter! Our motto: the more the better.

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9. Eyeshadow, then eyeliner and then mascara

If you switch this order, it becomes a mess. Doing it in this order will give you the best effect.

10. The eyebrows

Once everything is in place, you can start shaping the eyebrows. Finally, you can finish it off with a fixative spray so that you can go through the day carefree and your make-up stays in place.

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