These 9 life hacks ensure a lifetime of mascara pleasure

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These 9 life hacks ensure a lifetime of mascara pleasure and a second life

These 9 life hacks ensure a lifetime of mascara pleasure: If a make-up item does a lot for you, it’s mascara. But despite using this beautifier on a daily basis, there is a lot we don’t know about mascara yet. Therefore 9 life hacks that increase your mascara pleasure.

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1 Get oil-free lashes

Make sure your lashes are clean when you apply mascara. That mainly means fat-free. This way your mascara takes better and stays in place better. So don’t apply that oily eye cream until after you’ve applied mascara.

 2 Don’t pump, but run

When you pump your mascara, you suck in air and bacteria every time. The result is a lumpy and unhygienic mascara. Move your mascara gently in the tube and pull it out in one go. In addition, your brush is provided with mascara all around.

3 Choose the right direction

Not only the brush you use has an effect on your eyelashes, but also the direction in which you use the brush. For thick and full lashes, hold the brush horizontally and move it back and forth. For a more natural look, hold the brush vertically. This way you can apply a layer of mascara separately with the tip of your mascara.

4 More volume with talcum powder

If you want thicker lashes, apply some talcum powder to your lashes after the first coat of mascara. You can do this with a make-up brush, for example. The powder makes the eyelashes thicker. Top it off with another coat of mascara and you have lashes that make you smile. 

5 Apply mascara on both sides of the lashes

You probably only put mascara on the bottom of your lashes. You can, but if you also cover the top, your lashes will appear much fuller. Work from the inside out and from top to bottom. So first turn on the top of your lashes and then curl your lashes up by doing the bottom.

6 Top it off with a waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara is useful, but not everyone is a fan. You get it just a bit more difficult from your eyes than regular mascara and not every cleaning ritual is waterproof mascara the boss. The solution: only use a waterproof version for the outer layer. This way you have your preferred mascara as a base (and therefore beautiful full lashes) and you are still resistant to a shower, dive or cry.

7 Mix different mascaras

Make-up artists swear by mixing mascaras. For example, a somewhat older mascara is often a bit thicker and therefore suitable as a base layer. To make it beautiful, add another lick of a new mascara. Or mix different brushes, each with a different effect.

8 Put your mascara in a cup of hot water

Are you sure there is still mascara in your tube but it is not coming out properly? Then put the entire mascara in a cup of hot water. This way the formula comes off the tube and you can use your mascara for a while. However, it is wise not to use mascaras for longer than three months. After that time, too many bacteria will get on your brush and in the tube.

9 Give your mascara brush a second life

If your mascara really no longer does what it should do, use the brush as an eyebrow brush. You can perfectly shape your eyebrows with the brush of your mascara. Do clean the brush under hot water before giving it a second life.

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