These are the best foot creams to remove calluses

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Beautiful soft summer feet have never been easier than with these callous creams.

Are you looking for a good callus cream? We understand: in summer you prefer to wear open shoes or summer heels. Nice if your feet look beautiful and callous-free. These are the best callus creams to get rid of your callus. Beautiful soft summer feet have never been easier 

Remove callus from your feet

It is important to first treat the callus layer with a callus peeler. Then you can apply the cream to make your feet soft and keep them soft again.

Tip 1: Wash your hands immediately after applying the foot cream. Most effective callus creams contain the active ingredient urea, a natural product that also occurs in your urine. The liver converts the ammonia released during the digestion of proteins into urea. The urea enters the kidneys and is excreted together with the urine. So urea is actually a waste product of the body. But it also works particularly well at breaking down the stratum corneum on your skin.

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Tip 2: apply the callus cream to hard skin at least twice a day. The more you lubricate, the better the cream can do its job.

Expert tip: Never try to remove hard skin with a razor blade or other sharp object. You’re likely to remove too much skin, and you risk damaging deeper skin layers that could lead to infection.

The best callus creams to remove calluses:


1. PurSources Urea Foot Cream

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a cream for removing calluses on your heels? Good news: PurSources callus-removing cream will do the trick. It has a high concentration of urea, a compound that aids the breakdown of skin cells.

2. The Hansaplast Anti Callus Cream

This callus cream ensures that your feet are callous-free within a few days, thanks to an above-average high concentration of urea. This intensive callus cream solves the callus problem for a longer time. Where people with diabetes normally have to look out with callous creams, this copy can simply be used.

3. Elavae Callus Remover Gel

Say goodbye to cracked heels and sore calluses and corns and hello to beautiful, soft feet. 

4. Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask, Exfoliating Callus Remover

This foot peel acts as an effective peel for your feet, removing dead skin and repairing cracked heels. YOU WILL LOVE IT.

5. The Gehwol Lipidro Cream

This cream is intended for extremely dry skin. This also has a preventive effect against chapping and excessive callus formation. The ideal moisture and fat ratio ensures wonderfully soft feet.

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