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These fall colors always remain in fashion

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These fall colors always remain in fashion

These fall colors always remain in fashion: Even if it is a party to throw yourself into the latest trend colors every season, it is a lot more sustainable and cheaper to ensure that your closet consists mainly of classic colors. Colors that you can wear now but that you will still enjoy in 5 years.

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That doesn’t mean that you should ignore the trend colors. A good basis ensures that you can easily combine less timeless colors and that you can easily bring the classics to the now. This way you combine gray one year with white, the other with a neon color. Curious which fall colors you will see every year? We have listed them for you:

These fall colors always remain in fashion

# 1 Dark blue

We are not surprised that the color dark blue is abundantly present in fashion land every season. This color suits (almost) everyone. It looks slightly softer than black but can have the same classic, stylish look. You can, because if you combine that dark blue sweater with jeans, it suddenly looks surprisingly casual. And so you can actually use it in any style: another reason why we are far from getting rid of this color.

# 2 Beige

Even though beige – and all the colors that resemble it – is now a huge fashion color, in fact, it is very classic and you can assume that in about 10 years, it will still appear every autumn and winter. Fortunately, because it is the perfect color to combine with all the fashion colors that we will wear in the coming years. A real classic, if you ask us

# 3 Burgundy

Are you looking for a mysterious, seductive, classic color that will spice up your wardrobe – now and in five years? Then you are in the right place with burgundy. The color lends itself well to combine with the other classic colors in your closet, such as black, beige and gray. But you can also wear the color from head to toe or combine it with bright colors such as pink. In other words: you can go in any direction with it. 

# 4 Gray

Like beige, gray is one such color that owes its popularity in large part to the fact that it is so easy to combine with the other colors in your closet. And that makes it the ultimate basic color for your wardrobe

# 5 Camel

With a camel-colored coat in your closet you are always in the right place, we are sure. But this color in the shape of a sweater, pants or dress is also a good addition to your capsule wardrobe. You combine it with your beige garments for a calm outfit or you can give it some spice by combining it with white or a bright color.

These fall colors always remain in fashion

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