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Everyone makes these mistakes in the shower every day

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Everyone makes these mistakes in the shower every day – here’s how to do it right

It’s a daily task that you probably never think about: taking a shower. A process that seems very simple (get in, turn on the tap, wash yourself, exfoliate, shave, shampoo, and get out), but nothing seems less true. There are certain shower rules that we must follow. No, we didn’t know either.

And because everyone makes these mistakes every day in the shower, we share them with you. This way you can take your shower to a higher level.

1. Your shower is too hot

A lovely hot shower is certainly not an unnecessary luxury during the colder days. However, high temperatures are definitely not good for your skin. They make your skin dry and make sure that natural oils in your skin disappear. Experts say it’s better to shower with lukewarm water than to get out of the shower with red skin.

2. You shower too often

If you shower more than once a day, there’s a good chance it’s more bad than good. If you shower too often, the natural oils in your skin are exchanged for chemicals from your products. Some dermatologists even say we should shower only three to four times a week. That goes too far for many of us, but you can shower shorter and less often than normal.

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3. You do not use skin-friendly products

Yes, those neon, fruity, sweet-smelling shower gels may be very appealing, but if you look at the label, they’re not very good for your skin. They contain sulfates, perfume, dyes, and preservatives that can ruin your skin. According to skin experts, it is better to opt for shower oil.

4. You use the same sponge

We all know it: a large shower sponge hanging from the tap. Still, that’s not such a good idea, because the heat causes the bacteria to grow on your sponge. And that can lead to infections. So make sure you let your sponge dry completely and that you clean it completely once a week.

5. You scrub too often and too hard

A good body scrub can be a perfect addition to your daily routine as it removes dead cells and exfoliates your skin. Still, according to experts, you should only exfoliate two to three times a week. And not too hard, because otherwise, you damage your skin barrier.

6. You shave in all directions

Yes, admit it: you don’t always shave the same can. Nevertheless, dermatologists advise to always shave in the same direction when you take a shower, namely with the hair growth. If you shave in all directions, you are more likely to get ingrown hairs and bumps.

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