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These products will get you through the night

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Sleep problems? These products will get you through the night

These products will get you through the night: It’s evening, the alarm will ring in 9 hours, you should actually go to sleep. Still watching a series, and a last glimpse on Instagram. That bright light in your eyes fades your sleep impulse into the background- now eight hours until that miserable ring and endless snoozing. Send some more text then, Little Tik tok yet. The alarm will ring in seven hours. Sleeping now is really necessary- and is therefore no longer possible. Counting sheep, singing songs, it is all to no avail. Bales, ceiling service. 

Sleeping problems come in many sizes, there is not just one solution 

The above mentioned is a case of sleep difficulty, one that is often due to poor planning, restlessness, or too many screens. Then there are much more serious sleep problems: insomnia where people really don’t get to sleep anymore. Often fueled by physical or psychological complaints but at the same time an impulse for even more mental problems. Such a serious vicious circle is difficult to break: in that case, we will refer you to a (Medical) specialist.

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For all those other sleep obstacles due to stress, we offer some possible solutions here. After all, sleep is so important for your well-being and mood, as well as for a better immune system and healthy skin. With these aids you relax a little more, making it easier to fall asleep. From a body mask to a tea, from spray and bath oil to a pillow, these are our non-medical recommendations for a good night sleep. Bring on that return trip to dreamland.

These products will get you through the night: 

Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk


It is the ideal recipe to make you sleepy: a bath full of warm water, light off, candles…and a good splash of lavender milk in bath. There are many options, this one from Weleda is very pleasant and good for your skin.

Lavender And Chamomile Soy Wax Candle


This candle also contains lavender and chamomile for relaxation. For example, place it next to your bath with lavender oil for extra relaxation; not next to the bed, and certainly not leave it on at night!

Waso Beauty Sleeping Mask


Harnessing over 145 years of Japanese beauty wisdom, Shiseido’s extensive array of makeup and skincare is the perfect way to embrace all things ‘J-Beauty’, so we thought it was about time we ushered in an expertly curated selection

Pillow Spray – Lavender and Chamomile


This spray contains chamomile and lavender, which are known to not only smell very nice but also make you calm and therefore sleepy. A few drops on your pillow and let those dreams come.

Pure Silk Sleep Mask


You may not fall asleep easily because it’s too bright in the room where you lie. Then this is a good solution: a blackout sleeping mask, also with a cozy print.

1A Retinal + Peptides Overnight Mask


And once you sleep, this is the nicest thing you can have on your face to let your skin recover from the day. So that you wake up with ultimate hydration.

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