This happens to your body when you drink too little water

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This happens to your body when you drink too little water, did you know?

The effects are quite heavy!

It often fails, yet it is one of the most important and easiest things you can do for your body; to drink water. We quickly forget about it during a day of work or study. You are too busy with all the things that are still on your to-do list and it is probably not really in your system to drink enough. For once, that doesn’t hurt that much, but if you drink too little by default, it can have unpleasant consequences for your body. To make you (and especially myself) more aware of the fact that drinking is very important, I have listed the main consequences of drinking too little water.

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This happens to your body when you drink too little water:

Poor concentration

Your brain is made up of about 90 percent water. So it is not surprising that when you drink too little water your concentration level goes down. Research shows that when you already lose one or two percent fluid, cognitive performance decreases. Especially your mood, memory, ability to think critically, and decision-making suffer from this if you drink too little water and water is therefore decisive when you want to function optimally.

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Dry lips

Water ensures that your skin remains elastic and because your skin is the largest organ of your body, a large part of the water you drink goes to your skin. That is why you quickly see it on your skin if you have not drunk enough. For example, you sweat less, so that dirt and grease remain on your skin and a long water shortage can even cause wrinkles.


Water acts as a kind of lubricant in your digestive system and keeps your bowels flexible and clean. Without that lubricant, you can experience constipation, acid regurgitation, and poor digestion. Toxic substances are removed from your body via the urine, drinking enough helps. Are you unsure whether you drank enough? Then look at the color of your urine. When it is dark-colored, it means that there is too little moisture in your body and it is good to drink an extra glass of water.

Joint or muscle pain

About eighty percent of your joints and cartilage consists of water, so without water no healthy and strong joints. When you are dehydrated, the protective layer between the bones and your cartilage falls away and you are more likely to catch something serious if you fall, for example.

Dry mouth and bad breath

You produce less saliva if your body is short of water, which means that you get a worse breath. Antibacterial substances in your saliva ensure that the bacteria in your mouth remain in check and that way your breath remains good. In addition, water keeps the mucous membranes in your neck moist, which ensures that you do not get a dry mouth.

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Thirst makes you hungry

When you get too little fluid, your blood sugar level drops because you use the glycogen stores. You can then have a huge need for fast calories, which you usually get by eating something. Research shows that thirst can be experienced as a great feeling of hunger and that thirst does not even make you want to drink something but to eat something.

Your dehydrated brain only tells you that you need sugar quickly because your blood sugar level is low. They just don’t say how; with a glass of water you also calm that feeling in your brain. However, make sure you eat enough and regularly! Water is not a substitute for a snack or a meal.

Headache and dizziness

Two clear signs that you are drinking too little water are headaches and dizziness. When you do not get enough fluid, moisture is extracted from your brain and that causes a headache. A study of headache patients found that drinking water regularly really relieves headaches. In addition, your brain gets less oxygen when they dry out and the drop in blood pressure that goes with it can make you dizzy.

Drink more water tips

Finally, to make drinking water more fun, we have a few tips for you. For example, make sure you have a nice bottle or water bottle that you can keep with you all day long. This way you remain aware of the fact that you have to drink water. You can also brighten up the water with pieces of fruit, cucumber or mint. Then suddenly drinking two liters of water a day is a lot less!

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