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This is How You Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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This is How You Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes is more important than you might think 

Cleaning  makeup brushes  is very important. They can get quite dirty after you use them a few times. Not only are they covered with make-up residues, skin flakes and other bacteria also stick to them. Doesn’t sound very fresh, does it? The next time you use them, you just put that dirt back on your face. Your pores can become clogged and you can get spots or worse, your skin can even become infected. Time for a cleaning! We give you tips on how best to keep your make-up brushes clean.

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How to clean make-up brushes


The frequency of your cleaning process: You  don’t  have to clean your make-up brushes daily, but we can recommend that you do this at least weekly. Especially if you use your brushes every day, it is important to schedule a cleaning moment every week.


How do you clean your make-up brushes? There are several ways to do this. You can use a brush cleanser – a type of soap that has been specially developed to clean your brushes quickly and thoroughly. Usually these types of cleansers come in the form of a spray bottle. Spray some cleanser on your brushes and then wipe them clean on a tissue or cloth. These cleansers often contain alcohol, which removes the bacteria on your brushes.


An easy way to clean your make-up brushes is to use  (baby) shampoo  and water. Make a soap solution of a (mild) shampoo and water. Next, run your brushes through it and use your fingers to wash out the dirt. Make sure you only wet the hair. You will soon see the water discolour. By the way, only use cold or lukewarm water. Hot water is not good for your brushes .


A third way to get your brushes clean is to use olive oil and dish soap. This method not only kills all bacteria, but also cares for the hair of your brushes (if you don’t have synthetic brushes). Make sure you use the same amount of olive oil and detergent. Too much oil leads to greasy brushes, which is not very pleasant when applying make-up. Grab a saucer or plate, mix the olive oil and detergent and run your brushes through it. Then rinse them with water and let them dry. This way is especially useful for very dirty brushes, which you have used for your lips or your eyeliner, for example.


Always handle your brushes with care. Cleaning make-up brushes is important, but don’t rub the hair too hard, but try to make smoothing movements while cleaning. That way they will last longer. After cleaning, always bend your brushes neatly back into their shape so that they dry properly.


Whichever way you use it, always rinse your make-up brushes well and let them dry on a cloth or kitchen paper. So don’t put it upright.


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