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This is how you take care of curly hair

This is how you take care of curly hair Get the best out of your curls.

This season the hair straighteners can be put back in the closet. Because the curls are back!!

Some are lucky enough to have curly hair of their own, others have to put a little more effort into getting them. How can you care for curly hair? Read the tips. Curly hair has a tendency to become fluffy and to go just the other way as you would like. Moreover, curls, whether natural or not, often require a separate approach to look their best.

# 1 Pre-shampoo: pre-shampoo treatment is therefore ideal for hair with curls. Especially if you have a lot of tangles. With the pre-shampoo treatment, you use a conditioner or hair oil with which you treat your hair before you wash it. Massage the product into your hair and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. With a pre-shampoo treatment, you make your hair soft and provide it with moisture and nutrients.

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# 2 Do not wash too often and carefully: Washing dries out your hair. Because curled hair is often a bit drier, it is better not to wash it too often. You can try to apply conditioner only, if necessary only at the ends, without washing it further. Leave-in conditioners that you do not have to wash out of your hair are also suitable for your hair.

# 3 Mild shampoo and cold water: Choose a mild, gentle shampoo that dries out your hair as little as possible. Use lukewarm water during washing and rinse your hair with cold water. Coldwater makes your hair shine more and ensures that your hair retains better moisture and less lint.

# 4 Don’t scrub too hard: The washing method also matters. No need to rub your hair too tightly. Your hair can be damaged by it and you only ensure that you get more tangles. Gently and gently massage the shampoo into your hair.


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# 5 Save your old cotton t-shirts: Do not dry your hair with a normal towel and do not rub it too dry. Use microfiber towels or your old cotton t-shirts. Gently dry your hair. This way you prevent the curls from falling apart and becoming fluffy.

# 6 Minimal heat: is best to just let your hair dry because blow-drying heats the hair and dries it out. If you still want to blow-dry your hair, use a good hairdryer with diffuser and a cold air position. Blow-dry until your hair is almost dry, and not until it is completely dry.

# 7 Use your fingers: do not comb or brush your hair when it is dry, but shape it with your fingers. Dry combing makes it extra fluffy

# 8 Extra care: you have the idea that your hair could use some extra care. Then apply a hair mask before you go to sleep. Braid your hair and then rinse your hair the next day. Treat your hair with hair oil once a week and let it soak in for 15 minutes and then wash and rinse.



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