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This sport best suits your zodiac sign

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This sport best suits your zodiac sign And, is it correct?

This sport best suits your zodiac sign: This says your zodiac sign about your ideal sport. And, is it correct?

Are you a team athlete, a cardio fanatic or do you prefer to wave a Frisby? It’s written in the stars. This sport best suits your zodiac sign.

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This says your zodiac sign about your ideal sport


As Capricorn you regularly follow the beaten track; you are only open to it when research shows that something works for others. After all, with your busy schedule, you don’t have much time to waste. So the sport must fit into your schedule, otherwise, it will not be. That is why it is best for Capricorn to speak to a trainer or to participate in classroom sports. Because once it is in your agenda, persevering is no problem for you.


With an open, social attitude you like to try something new. So you get completely warm with the latest sports trends, technology, and equipment, especially if its effect has been scientifically proven. Where others are still waiting, you are the first to try. You probably have a 5K run that suits you or you like to challenge yourself with strength training or spinning. Whatever you do, keep an eye on your freedom, because that will make or break your sports success.


You may be sensitive, but ‘give up’ is not in your dictionary. A sport works best for you when you can use your intuition. And there are plenty of such sports; Thai chi, yoga, pilates and so on. Although you are probably also the queen during a Zambales or a nice salsa session. And Pisces would not be Pisces if they avoided water; think about surfing, swimming, water polo or water aerobics.


As Aries, you like a tough workout, such as a tough cardio workout that will drop your stress level. You like to challenge yourself, but if you don’t see a direct result, you may find it difficult not to give up. After all, too much routine will bore you. So keep it interesting; vary with your schedule and don’t pin yourself too much on one activity. Think broadly: a combination of cycling, spinning and tennis, or sign up for a marathon. Because when you have a goal, you keep it up and you will see results.


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A Taurus prefers a comfortable and relaxed workout regimen because too many exercises in your schedule will tire you out beforehand. So focus on yourself, not on others. Step outside for relaxation, such as a brisk walking session with a good friend, light jogging, belly dancing, kite surfing, or tennis. As long as there is a social aspect, with a good beat in the background. For you, training should just be fun.


Gemini are naturally curious and perhaps a bit restless. Training is a good way for you to keep both your body and your mind in shape. You dive into every detail, from nutrition to fitness programs. The more knowledge you have about the effect of a particular exercise, the more committed you are. Gemini generally also enjoy team sports, or at least you rarely see Gemini without a sports buddy. So do a nice workout for two, go frisbeeing in the park or take the dog for a long walk.


Cancer likes regularity. So you prefer to work with a clearly drawn up schedule. As a water-related constellation, you can of course also choose water sports such as sailing or water aerobics. You prefer to have people around you, although you like to use the silence to come to yourself. You can easily add yoga, pilates, and meditation or a corona-proof day of wellness to your clear schedule.


Your appearance is very important, isn’t it, Leo? You want to leave a good impression everywhere. Chances are you are motivated to stay in shape, especially if you get compliments. You work hard, are social, and know that if you want to be the best, you have to take good care of yourself. For Leo, sport is also the ideal way to network. So make sure to stay with your fellow athletes, for example with sailing or golf. Sports with a power element are also likely to appeal to you: weights that you can adjust more and more, or kickboxing. After all, you are a born leader.


The Virgo; a careful person, with an eye for detail. So you keep an eye on everything during your training. Counting calories, a pedometer; totally your thing. As a Virgo, it is best to find your workout in a set routine. Keeping an eye on all those details is sometimes quite tiring, so you can also add pilates, yoga, or meditation to your routine.


As a Libra, you generally enjoy working with a training buddy. You often invite people to a social activity, where you find good food very important. So your strength lies in team sports, such as tennis, squash, or golf. In addition, you are probably completely refreshed from a cozy health bar.


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Scorpions are ambitious and passionately engage in a sports activity that requires stamina. Once you have something in your head, you’re going to fix it. You do not turn your hand for obstacle courses, because you can keep your body and mind nice and sharp. Jump on the long-distance treadmill or sign up for a triathlon. After all, your motto is no pain, no gain.


Are you a Sagittarius? Then you probably love to travel and you like to combine sport with discovering the world. In search of adventure, you are not easily satisfied with a role as a spectator of life. Your sport is therefore more in a trip to a spiritual destination, where you like to climb a mountain or pyramid. During a city trip, you do everything on foot and you rarely see the public transport inside. With a pedometer in your pocket, because that makes you feel satisfied.

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