This way you really clean your face

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This way you really clean your face before going to sleep

This way you really clean your face: Because diving into bed with a ‘dirty face’ can lead to impure skin.

Women sometimes sleep with make-up on. And that is a matter of concern because diving into bed with a ‘dirty face’ can lead to blemished skin, and ultimately even premature skin aging.

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Good news

There is also good news: the same research shows that we want to take good care of our face, but that we simply do not know exactly how to do it. But that can be worked on. Do you want clean, radiant skin?

This way you really clean your face

KITSCH Microfiber Makeup Removing Towels

This luxe yet ultra-soft towels can also be used to remove oils, makeup, and toxins from your skin, all while softly exfoliating to create the perfect base for creams and makeup.


Step 1: Remove your make-up

Do this with a product that easily removes your mascara and foundation, without making your skin sensitive. So do not choose a too rough cloth or cotton ball.

AESOP Fabulous Facial Cleanser

This mild, olive oil and aloe vera-based cleanser works for all skin types.

Step 2: Wash your skin with lukewarm water and a mild skin cleanser.

A mild skin cleanser does not dry out your face. In other words, your skin should not feel tight and tight after washing.

FRESH Rose Floral Toner

A multi-tasking must-have, fresh’s Rose Floral Toner is an ultra-gentle and alcohol-free mist perfect for toning, soothing, refreshing and setting make up.

Step 3: Wipe the damp skin with a cotton ball, with which you make long strokes.

This way you can be sure that you remove all make-up residues. A toner or lotion is only a good idea if it doesn’t contain alcohol or some other substance that irritates your skin. Because be aware that all ingredients also remain on your skin.

FRESH Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream

fresh’s Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream may be incredibly lightweight but it packs a powerful moisture punch, attracting and increasing moisture levels for up to 24 hours of deep hydration.

Step 4: Your skin is now really clean!

If you then use a cream with active substances, these are better absorbed by your skin. So spread it nicely! Is it daytime? Then make sure you use something with an SPF. Is it evening? Make sure to use a moisturizing cream. The same applies to the cream: it must not irritate. Once applied, your skin should feel fine and soft, not burning or dry.

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