This way your lipstick will stay in place under your mouth mask

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This way your lipstick will stay in place under your mouth mask

Tips that will keep your lipstick on your lips.
If your make-up is just on flee, you then have to put on a face mask when you step out the door. Not ideal if you’ve just put on your brightly colored lipstick because before you know it, the inside of your face mask will turn completely red. The result? A red color around your mouth and on your cheeks. With these tips that are now a thing of the past.

1. Start with the basics

An important first step is a foundation. Don’t just put on the first lipstick and hope for the best. No, a good start is half the battle. Prep your lips first with a lip balm or primer, to ensure that your lipstick stays in place.

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2. Use a matte lipstick or lip liner

A glossy lipstick or lip gloss is of course beautiful, but it often feels a bit sticky and shifts easily. Put a face mask on it, and your lipstick will be everywhere – except on your lips. Therefore, go for a matte copy. Don’t have a matte lipstick? So first use some lip liner. Fill in your entire lips with this. This trick will make your lipstick stay in place better.

3. Use your fingers

Do not spread the color from the tube on your lips, but use your fingers. This creates a thinner layer on your mouth, making it less likely to smear.

This way your lipstick will stay in place under your mouth mask



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4. Blot it off with a tissue

After applying your lipstick, gently blot your lips with a tissue. This will remove the excess lipstick and prevent it from smearing on your face. This is a good tip anyway if you wear a color on your lips, but especially if you wear a mouth mask, this is a must.

5. Don’t forget the finishing touch

Last but not least, use some powder. Hold a tissue in front of your lips and dust it with some setting powder. Preferably use a transparent powder to prevent the color of your lipstick from changing.

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