Tips For a Blow-Dried Haircut With a Lot of Volume

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Tips for a blow-dried haircut with a lot of volume à la Brigitte Bardot.

Freshly blow-dried hair is something that can not match in terms of happiness. But let’s be honest, who really has the time for that? So here: four ways to blow-dry your hair in five minutes for a haircut à la Brigitte Bardot.

Blow-drying your hair? This way you have perfectly blow-dried hair within five minutes

1. Big brush

Dry your wet hair with your hands (no brush) until it is almost dry. Use an anti-frizz cream to tame your hair and give your locks some shine. Grab a large thermal brush and blow-dry your hair. Start at the roots for extra volume. See how to do that here:

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2. Curling iron

A little cheating with a curling iron will save you a lot of time. Start blow-drying at the root for volume and make sure the rest of your hair is dry. Then curl your locks with a  curling iron. 

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Tips for a blow-dried haircut with a lot of volume:

A nice addition is a hair mist, which does not damage your hair like perfume. the hair mist of Miss Diorgives hair a sweetly seductive fragrance.Miss Diorfeatures a warm blend of Italian mandarin essence and Damascena rose absolute, underscored by elegant Indonesian amber patchouli essence. This is the finishing touch for soft, shiny hair.

3. Buns

The least work you have on this hack: put volume mousse in dry hair (on the scalp and in the tips) and divide the hair into six sections. Then twist each section into a bun and secure with an elastic. The trick is to do this as neatly as possible so that there are no crazy twists in the points. Then blow-dry your hair and let the buns cool down as you continue your morning routine.

 4. Rollers

Put a set of rollers in almost dry hair and focus on the top of the hair and the parts framing the face. Then blow-dry and let the rollers sit when you are getting ready. Use a boar bristles brush to gently brush out your locks and add extra shine. Et voilà: a blow-dried look that Brigitte Bardot would be jealous of!

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