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Tips for a holiday to the island of Maio

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Tips for a holiday to the island of Maio in Cape Verde 

It takes exactly 8 minutes to fly from the island of Santiago to Maio in Cape Verde. And although that is only a small piece, The Cape Verde island of Santiago and Maio differ like day and night from each other. Santiago is green, fertile, and has rugged coastlines, while Maio is dry and desert-like. Precisely because of this diversity, it is nice to combine both islands when you take a tour of Cape Verde

Tips for a holiday to the island of Maio


Maio: The unknown Cape Verde

In addition to Maio, Cape Verde has more “dry” islands, namely Boa Vista and Sal. These two have now been discovered by the major tour operators and rapidly being built up with luxury resorts and hotels. Tourism on Boa Vista and Sal is booming, and you will not encounter the real Cape Verde there.

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Then Maio, with its endless white sandy beaches and lack of tourist infrastructure, can occupy an unspoiled part of Cape Verde. Life is primitive and there is really nothing to do at all. You often think that you are the only tourist and that has its charm. Here you can completely disappear from the proverbial radar for a few days, far from fast wifi connections and tourist traps. Are you looking for beautiful beaches, good weather and a place to relax? then be sure to book a ticket to Maio.

Colorful houses and streets with children

As I mentioned above, there isn’t really much to do on Maio. The island is actually one big sandbox, with, miles of beaches that you don’t have to share with anyone. You really come here for the beautiful weather and the good atmosphere. because it is so wonderfully quiet and friendly here. The streets are flanked by colorful houses and the roads are paved with cobblestones. you see school children in their uniform playing on the streets and chickens scratching around quietly tossing.

purple and yellow concrete houses during day time

Daily life on Maio, Cape Verde

It’s almost unbelievable that life here is so different from eight minutes away. Everything on Maio is a lot less straightforward and polished than on Santiago, but everyone seems to take on a certain task, so it doesn’t become a chaotic mess.

Eating out here means, for example, that someone has set a few tables in an empty space in his home. your fresh fish is prepared on the barbecue outside on the street and you can watch the Cape Verde news while you eat.

Or take something as simple as buying bread. If you want bread in the morning in Maio, you have to rely on the only bakery on the island. Stick your head through the window of the baker’s house, shout his name very loudly, and for the equivalent of 10 cents a piece you will get a stack of hot sandwiches in your hands. And if you are unlucky that the bread is already sold out, you can keep your fingers crossed that he starts baking again in the afternoon.

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Snorkeling, diving, and sea turtles

Despite the lack of sights, you can have a great time during a holiday on Maio. you can have walks through the village and to the sea. Or catch some fishermen who go out to the ocean every day.

What else you can do on Maio? You can snorkel or take diving lessons right from the beach, or settle yourself in with a booklet at a beach bar. Sea turtles hatch on the beach north of Vila do Maio and Large flocks of whales migrate along the coast at certain times of the year. Maio may be far off the beaten track and your comfort zone, I think it’s heavenly beautiful here.

people on beach during daytime

Tip: Holiday house Cape Verde

If you travel to Maio, chances are you will stay in the village of Vila do Maio. Here you will find a number of restaurants, cafes, and hotels, but the offer remains quite limited. Via you can choose from a handful of accommodations in the center. 

Tips for a holiday to Maio, Cape Verde 

If you want to go on holiday to Maio, you first have to fly to the neighboring island of Santiago. How do you get from Santiago to Maio? You can take a domestic flight to Maio airport. There is a flight from Santiago to Maio three times a week, so keep that in mind in your planning. The best way to book this domestic flight is through Skyscanner.

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