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Trinny London Makeup

Trinny London Makeup products: Few people are as in tune with what women want from their make-up today as Trinny Woodall. In just a couple of years, the stylist and beauty expert has taken her eponymous beauty brand firmly into the realm of ‘can’t-live-without-it’ status, enjoying consistent sell-outs.

So, what’s the secret? Rather than calling on exotic extracts or buzzy new ingredients, you can barely pronounce, the success of Trinny London is rooted in reality. In short, these products really work, delivering benefits you can actually see, in formulas you can smooth on with your fingertips.

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As it turns out, there’s a mass appeal in practicality. The core line – from line-plumping primers to concealers and the easiest swipe-on eye colors comes in a petite pot, which can be twisted onto others to create your own completely customized ‘stack’. So clever, the concept allows you to create your unique face palette.

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Then, there’s the tightly edited collection of skincare-meets-makeup innovations, which are perfect for busy mornings and low-key days. The original sell-out hero, BFF cream, has been joined by the BFF Eye serum concealer and the innovative BFF De-Stress: a nourishing serum that hydrates and brightens while delivering a veil of glowy colour.

We’re so sure you’ll love the brand as much as we do.

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