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Using Coconut oil in your hair

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Using Coconut oil in your hair – a good idea?

We explain how to use it in your hair without making your locks greasy.

Is coconut oil good for your hair? Coconut is not only a lifesaver on a desert island, it also offers numerous beautifying benefits in your bathroom . Coconut oil or actually coconut oil – because the oil is hard at room temperature – does well as a deo, as a nourishing skin oil, to gently remove your make-up and yep, coconut oil in your hair would also help very well if you have a dehydrated bush. But is that really the case? We list the need-to-knows for you.

Coconut oil in your hair

Liquid coconut oil is very nourishing, super hydrating, acts as a moisturizer once in your hair and provides extra shine. It is packed with natural proteins, fatty acids, and vitamins, which improves the moisture content of your locks. It also naturally has an antibacterial effect, which is nice if you suffer from irritations to your scalp, such as dandruff. Still, it’s not all great, misusing it can only make your hair drier and greasier.

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Good for every hair type?

Pure coconut oil works especially well on naturally curly or dry hair types. If you have very fine or thin hair, it is better to opt for a hair care product that contains coconut oil. Because coconut oil is quite heavy in itself, less is more. If you use too much of it, it can weigh down your hair and make it greasier. Don’t want that. Three tablespoons are enough for long, thick, or coarse hair. Finer or shorter hair? one tablespoon is enough.

Also good to know: one coconut oil is different, choose the unprocessed variety. This often contains more antioxidants, making it more effective and better for your hair and scalp. Scan the label for pure, extra virgin raw coconut oil, then you are often dealing with a natural version.

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How do you use coconut oil in your hair?

Randomly putting a dollop of coconut oil in your hair is not a good plan. You always have to heat it first (about 30 seconds, in the microwave). Lightly massage the warm oil over your scalp, starting at your crown and then continuing into your ends. So you have a kind of hair mask with coconut oil. Normal hair? Leave it on for about 15 minutes and then rinse your hair well with a mild shampoo. If your hair is extremely dry, you can also leave it on overnight as a leave-in. Wrap your hair in a towel and wash everything (the next morning) and voilà: your hair is not only super soft but also looks healthier. A hair mask can do the trick.

Small disclaimer : don’t use it too often, a coconut oil boost once or twice a month is more than enough. If you use it more often, the oil can choke your hair and scalp. And if you have very fine or coarse hair, it cannot absorb the oil well and it is, therefore, better to choose hair care products based on coconut (oil).

These are the finest coconut-based hair care products:

Using Coconut oil in your hair

Using Coconut oil in your hair

Using Coconut oil in your hair

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