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Ways to  keep your clothes beautiful

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Ways to  keep your clothes beautiful, for as long as possible

Ways to  keep your clothes beautiful: Keeping your favorite items beautiful for as long as possible.

The fashion industry is the second  largest environmental polluter in the world. On average, we throw out about  20 to 40 items per person each year, and we only wear our garments  seven times  before disposing of them. Sustainable use of your clothing is therefore not only important for your own wallet, it also helps you to contribute to the planet. 

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By taking good care of your clothes you get the most out of your items

Tips: Ways to  keep your clothes beautiful

Throwing away clothes quickly is a waste and not necessary. Wear and tear is easy to combat if you take good care of your items, such as with these tips.

Quality over quantity

Fast fashion  means that we often buy – for little. These items may have a nice price tag, but a better quality item often lasts longer. Having to throw away an item after a few uses because it is already worn out is disaster for both your wallet and the planet.

Use the right coat hangers

Clothes hangers made of plastic can seriously affect the fit of your clothes; shoulders bulge and create unflattering bumps. Wooden clothes hangers are a lot sturdier than its plastic counterpart, last longer and are a lot better for your clothes.

Fold sweaters up

Hanging sweaters in the closet stretches the fabric. By neatly folding your sweaters in your wardrobe, the fabric will remain beautiful and your sweaters will last longer.

Fragrance pouches against moths

The last thing you want is for moths to eat their way through your wardrobe. You don’t necessarily have to work with chemicals to combat these annoying insects. Moths are not a fan of the scent of lavender – put a few scent bags in the closet and prevent moths from finding your favorite cashmere sweater. As a nice bonus, your clothes will also smell nice. 

Protect your leather items

Leather shoes? Leather bag? Protect your items by regularly spraying them with a waterproof spray. This way you prevent damage and your items remain beautiful for a long time, through wind and weather. When you store your leather accessories at home, protect them by putting them in a dust bag. You often get this with purchase. If you don’t have one, an old pillowcase serves as a great alternative.

Avoid plastic

Are you taking suits and dresses to the dry cleaner? Always remove the plastic cover before storing your clothes in the closet. The plastic cover provides a breeding ground for heat and moisture, and let this be very bad for the preservation of your clothes.

Wash with care

Washing clothes more often than necessary has an undesirable effect on both color and shape retention. If there are small stains on your item, remove them immediately. The stain is removed more effectively and it saves unnecessary washing. And be kind to your clothes when you do use your washing machine. Always wash jeans inside out to preserve the color, sort by color, and make sure all zippers are closed so they can’t open other garments. 

Skip the dryer

The dryer is disastrous for your favorite items; the extreme heat can cause a lot of damage. Hang out your clothes to dry – just make sure you don’t hang your dark items outside on a nice sunny day as sunlight can fade the color.

Steam over ironing

The iron can be very aggressive to your clothes. A good alternative is to steam your clothes. Don’t have a steamer? Hang your clothes in the bathroom while showering – the steam from a hot shower works wonders for wrinkles.

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