Why oil is good for your hair!

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Why oil is good for your hair!

Have you ever tried an oil for your hair? If not, now it’s time to start. Good hair oil is one of the best ways to get shiny, healthy-looking hair.

Due to its moisturizing, softening, and protective benefits for hair and skin, especially in oil for hair, it has become a necessary hair care product for many. But not all oils are equally good for all types of hair.

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So why should you use oil for hair? Unlike our skin, our hair has no way of hydrating itself. That’s why our hair follicles produce sebum, natural oil that is meant to travel across the hair shaft and keep hair healthy and hydrated.

Unfortunately, this natural process does not always work as nature intended! With modern styling and coloring techniques, our natural sebum production is often just not enough to keep our hair hydrated. That includes oil for the hair. A good hair oil replenishes your natural sebum and provides the protection and hydration your hair needs.

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With a history that goes back hundreds of years, the use of oils is nothing new, but our knowledge about oils is growing. We’ve learned a lot about the different effects oils can have on different aspects of life. Due to the moisturizing and protective effect that oil for the hair can have on hair and skin, it is very suitable for softening and nourishing hair and scalp.

Good hair oil can be used in a variety of ways, depending on your hair type and needs. It may be a good idea to test different hair oils or focus specifically on oil for hair that suits your needs and hair type, as there are many different types available. Some are best for fine hair, while other oils are better for curls or dry hair

5 Benefits of oil for hair 

  1. Oil strengthens your hair: Oil for the hair increases the elasticity of the hair, making it less likely to break.
  2. A good hair oil protects your hair from heat damage: By covering each strand of hair with a protective layer of oil for hair, oils can help protect your hair from heat.
  3. Hair oil moisturizes and prevents frizz: Oils rich in fatty acids and vitamin E actually form a barrier that prevents your hair strands from losing precious moisture. This barrier also prevents moisture from entering the hair shaft, preventing frizz.
  4. Oils Can Promote Hair Growth: As oils moisturize and strengthen the hair shaft, they prevent hair breakage, which makes your hair appear to grow faster.
  5. Oils are naturally UV protective: Plant phenols in botanical oils have the natural ability to prevent and even reverse the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin and hair. Some vegetable oils offer 30% more protection than your bare skin or hair.


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