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Why you should have seen Guangzhou in China

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Why you should have seen Guangzhou in China, tik of your bucket list.


Why you should have seen Guangzhou in China: The land of many traditions and religious customs. And a country that has something to offer for everyone. This also applies to the enormous metropolis of Guangzhou. A metropolis in southeast China and the cradle of Chinese culture.


Your first encounter with Guangzhou

Once you arrive in Guangzhou, you imagine yourself in a modern city where neon lighting colors the street scene and almost every square meter is used with impressive buildings or the opposite thereof. The city, also known as Canton is known for its Cantonese cuisine, is very liberal and, according to the Chinese, is very similar to Shanghai.

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Overnight in Guangzhou

Life in Guangzhou is generally very affordable. You will find many traditional or hip hostels and hotels. On average, you pay about 125 Yuan per night for a hostel in Guangzhou (converted about 15 Euro per night) and for an average hotel about 420 Yuan (55 Euro).

Guangzhou: The highlights of the city

Guangzhou is not yet very well known among Western tourists, despite being a very interesting city with many authentic spots in contrast to a comparable metropolis such as Hong Kong.

Why you should have seen Guangzhou in China


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1. Shamian Island

Shamian Island is a popular island among the Chinese. On the island, where the buildings are built entirely in Western European style. You’ll find many, many newlywed couples taking bridal photos between western food chains such as Starbucks and the Subway. In addition, you will find various market stalls, street artists, and trendy restaurants on the island. Shamian Island is easily accessible by both the bus and the metro. Avoid rush hour as public transport can be very busy at times.


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2. Beijing Road

Guangzhou has many shopping plazas and districts. One of the most famous districts is Beijing Road, right in the center of Guangzhou. Beijing Road is the shopping mecca of the Chinese. Despite the fact that the sky is gray with smog and the street is clogged with thousands of people, it is special to imagine yourself as a Westerner among the thousands of Chinese. Fancy a good Cantonese snack? Especially support the local eateries and experience the real authentic taste of Shui Mai, dumplings or a delicious Cha Siu B


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 3. Canton Tower

The Canton Tower is highly recommended and the architectural calling card of the city. The 610-meter high tower (once the tallest in the world) was designed by the Dutch architect Mark Hemel. This imposing tower rises above everything and is situated on a river that reminds you of the Thames in London. A visit will cost you about 250 Yuan (35 euros) and is definitely worth it. Tip: The best time to climb the tower is at the end of the afternoon. Not only do you have a beautiful sunset (with good luck), but you see the city light up in neon colors when it gets dark. On the tower, you will also find a vertical Ferris wheel and a 360-degree panoramic deck.


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4. Yuexiu Park

Yuexiu is a park located in a quieter part of the city. In this gigantic park, where Chinese people recover from the hectic life in the city center, you will find a huge fish pond, beautiful temples, lots of greenery, and different statues. The entrance is free and the park is easy to reach by metro. Have a picnic in the park? Absolutely do! You will find a lot of street food and coffee shops around the park. Ideal to take with you, and then relax in the park.

5. Guangdong Yuen Yuen Taoist Temple

Yuen Taoist Temple park is a park with Buddhas and temples in traditional style on the outskirts of the city. In addition to the various striking temples, the 70-ton Buddha in the middle of the site is particularly impressive. The name of this 17-meter-high Buddha is Lao-Tzu, the founder of the Taoist religion. Definitely one of the highlights of your visit this time.

Want to go to Guangzhou?

In short. Guangzhou is a vibrant city with art, culture, and excellent infrastructure! Ideal for backpacking or as a stopover for your transit in China. If you have plans to travel to China, remember this wonderful city.6.

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