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With these handsome bags, shopping becomes a party

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shopping becomes a party

The only reason we still get out of our house is for a walk or for groceries. This makes perfect sense, of course, but if you are standing in the supermarket with your makeup-free head (because working from home) and in your casual outfit (because working from home), there is still at least one thing that can be cheerful about this whole situation. Your shopping bag, for example.

Givenchy large Bond shopper tote

The rules
In any case, a shopping bag should be big for all those tins and jars (just kidding!). It is also useful that it has few zippers and compartments. And it is also good to pay attention to the handles. Nice, such a link chain. Very modern. But is it also useful? Practical? Sturdy? Rather go for a sturdy, wide band that you can wear on your arm or shoulder, so comfortable. If you are looking for a shopping bag, keep in mind that you are shopping the right size. If you live alone, a narrow bag is probably enough for you. But if you have five children, we would rather recommend a size trunk.


Saint Laurent Leopard-print canvas tote bag

Go wild
If you prefer basic, buy a nice big leather bag. Wicker bags are also fun, and especially nice and sturdy. Jute bags are sturdy and beautiful, and also hang nice on the coat rack. Choose a canvas bag if you don’t get that many groceries at once. And the biggest advantage of such a cool shopping bag is, of course, that you no longer have to buy plastic bags. We say: good excuse for shopping.

Fendi Runaway Shopper tote


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