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With these tips, your legs will tan much faster

If one part of your body tans much faster than the other, you’ll want to read these tips.

Is one part of your body tanning much faster than the other? For example, it may be that your belly is a lot darker, but your legs seem to remain two milk bottles. Recognizable? Then these tips might be for you. Are you paying attention?

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With these tips, your legs will tan much faster:

1. Water

On the water you will tan faster than on land. Floating on your air mattress you catch more sun rays due to the reflection of the water, so you tan more quickly. However, you should apply it well when you go on the water, because you will burn extra quickly as a result.

2. Exfoliate

Are you going to sunbathe? Then provide your legs with an extra good scrub session. Because you scrub away the dead skin cells, the sun can get to your skin better and you also get a more even tan.

3. Eat tomatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes

By eating a lot of carotene, which is in these foods, that brown color gets going faster.

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With these tips, your legs will tan much faster:

4. Be patient

Do not bake and fry in full sun, because that is absolutely not good for your skin. Build up the color slowly for the most and longest effect. And don’t forget to apply it well, because even then you get a long-lasting color and it is less harmful to your skin.

5. Aftersun

Aftersun can help your tanned skin not shed, helping you retain that tan for longer.


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