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With these tricks, your nail polish dries faster than ever

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With these tricks, your nail polish dries faster than ever

nail polish dry faster

Painting your nails quickly before you go out can be a challenge because curing always takes a little longer than you thought. Also annoying: during a turbo, toilet visit loosen your pants button. Consequence? Nails ruined. Fortunately, these tricks let your nail polish dry in no time. Well, in less than five minutes.

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1. Coldwater

Cold allows the paint to cure faster, so a simple trick is to dip your nails in cold water. In order not to ruin the paint by the hard jet of the tap, it is better to fill a cup with cold water. Wait two minutes et voilà, you are good to go.

2. Use the cold air setting on your hairdryer

Ever wondered why your hairdryer can blow cold air too? Well, so not only to close your hair cuticles so that your hair stays in shape longer, you can also use the button to blow your nails dry. Well, it can be that simple!

3. Use quick-drying topcoat

A topcoat is a real must-have if you want your nail polish to last for a long time. But did you also know that there are special quick-drying topcoats? You apply this after your “regular” lacquer as an extra layer and dries within one minute. Specially developed for types like you who have to hurry out the door. Ideal!

4. Use baking spray or hair spray

It may sound strange, but nail polish dries faster with baking spray. We don’t know why but it works like a tit. Note: use only baking spray based on natural oils. Another trick that also helps is using hairspray. Be careful with spraying, otherwise your fingers will stick.

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