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You can use olive oil even more for this Diy

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Smooth legs to make-up remover: you can use olive oil even more for this

You can use olive oil even more for this Diy: The starter pack comes with a number of hacks related to household products. Because do you know what else you can use certain products from your kitchen opportunity for? Take olive oil, for example. Besides baking and roasting, you can do a number of interesting things with it.

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From the product for smooth legs to use as a make-up remover.

Using olive oil

Name one thing that should not be missing in your kitchen cupboard, and you are talking about olive oil. We can no longer live without it. It’s a perfect ingredient in both hot and cold dishes, but that’s not all. You can also do completely different things with it that have nothing to do with baking or roasting. Bet you really didn’t know this yet?

You can use olive oil even more for this Diy

Smooth legs

Into smooth legs and smooth ‘everything’? Then use olive oil instead of shaving cream or gel! The result is astonishing if we are to believe the internet. The good thing is that you only need a little olive oil. Just smear where you want to work, let it soak in for a few seconds, and go! Remove hairs and stubble.

Make-up remover

If you no longer have makeup remover at home, you can also use olive oil. All you have to do is put a little olive oil on a cotton pad, put it on your eyes, and then gently rub your makeup off.

Natural nail hardener

A nail hardener is a must-have if you have weak nails. Now you can of course buy it in a jar, but you can also make it yourself. You may already have guessed one ingredient: olive oil. Furthermore, you only need lemon juice and optionally a teaspoon of finely chopped garlic. Here’s how to make this natural nail hardener yourself:

Against frizzy strands

Keeping frizzy hair in check sometimes seems like an impossible task. Now that you know this hack, that is a thing of the past. Olive oil is the solution. It’s packed with antioxidants that moisturize while also fighting aging. That way, it enhances the quality of your hair.

Irritation to your scalp

Irritations to your scalp? Even then olive oil can help. It counteracts irritation and that’s exactly what we want. How do you use it? This can be done in many different ways: as oil treatment, styling product, conditioner, you can choose.

Chewing gum under your shoes

There is nothing more annoying than chewing gum under your shoes. Get that away. Well, that’s going to be a breeze from now on, because you can go a long way with olive oil. Put a little olive oil on kitchen paper, rub it and it is gone.

You can use olive oil even more for this Diy

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