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Take these supplements for beautiful skin

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 supplements for beautiful skin

From A to Z – You have to take these supplements for beautiful skin

From an early age, we have been told that we have to eat enough vitamins for a long and healthy life. Enough fruits and vegetables a day, a multivitamin here, and a fish oil there. Supplements are becoming increasingly popular and we can supplement any shortage with vitamin pills. Vitamin pills can also make a major contribution to the skin.

For beautiful skin you need vitamins and you can also take supplements. But what supplements do you take for that glowing, young skin? I give tips

Your skin needs it

Not only do we need vitamins for a good and healthy body, they are also essential for the largest organ we have: the skin. The skin is the last organ where vitamins arrive after they have gone through the whole body. This means that the skin often does not get enough vitamins from what you eat. So it’s time to swallow something.


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Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is a collective name for fat-soluble retinoids. Whut? You know them, retinal, retinol, and retinyl. The retinoids that cause the skin to age less quickly, cell turnover is increased and the number of new cells is improved. Dr Mervyn Patterson, Woodford Medical Medical Director said:

“They are also referred to as ‘essential vitamins’ as the body cannot synthesize them and they must be absorbed from the diet. Apart from having a very important role in the production of pigment in the back of our eye for vision they are necessary for the orderly control of cell division throughout all of the organs in our body including our skin

Vitamin B3

Dr. Marko Lens, owner of Zelens, explains that Vitamin B3 helps prevent pigmentation, rosacea redness, and blemishes in the skin. In addition, Vitamin B3 is essential for skin health and can help reduce acne.

For example, if you suffer from sensitive skin that quickly turns red, Vitamin B3 can help you.

Vitamin B5

According to Linda Blahr, Head of Training at SkinCeuticals, Vitamin B5 is good for moisturizing the skin. Good hydration naturally ensures beautiful and well-groomed skin.

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With powerful properties that lock in moisture, B5 is optimal for all skin types. To hydrate, use a light moisturizing serum with Vitamin B5 – especially in the morning or under make-up, to make it last longer.

 Vitamin C

That Vitamin C is good for the skin is of course old news. But what makes this vitamin so popular? According to Dr. Patterson, a dermatologist, Vitamin C is an essential antioxidant.

Since people cannot naturally produce Vitamin C, such as animals, we have to get it from our diet. It works well for the production of collagen and it stimulates your metabolism. For the skin, it plays an important role in supporting firmness and increasing collagen production. We like

Vitamin D

Of course, we get Vitamin D from the sun and we have a chronic shortage in the winter months. However, vitamin D is essential for healthy skin. According to Abigail James, a skin specialist, Vitamin D provides beautiful matted skin, reduces blemishes, and promotes skin elasticity and radiance. Get the drops at home.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also an essential antioxidant for the skin and can be obtained from nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Do you have dry, dull skin? Then Vitamin E can help you well. Abigail James says about this vitamin:

Vitamin E is a well-loved skincare essential for boosting hydration, it’s a vitamin essential for preventing free radical damage that leads to pigmentation and damaged elastin. It hydrates, prevents water loss, soothes, and reduces inflammation so it is good for both sensitive and aging skins. ”

Vitamin K.

This vitamin is not very well known, but it is essential for the skin. Vitamin K strengthens the cells and blood vessels in your body. Vitamin K is also important for the skin: it is often used in eye creams to reduce dark circles and support the skin. Therefore, according to Abigail James, it is best to apply the eye cream in the morning for your moisturizer


Last but not least, Zink. Do you suffer from acne? Then it may just be that you will reduce acne after you swallow Zinc. Zinc is also used in various skin serums and creams. According to Linda Blahr, Zinc is essential for irritated skin:

“Zinc helps reduce skin inflammation and irritation whilst providing broad-spectrum sun protection that prevents burns and sun damage. It also improves wound healing and prevents bacterial infections as well as treating acne breakouts. ”

Now that you know which supplements work for your skin problem, all you have to do is run to the store to stock them up. Are you not such a fan of swallowing vitamins? Then you can of course also buy a cream that contains the vitamins.



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