this will keep your perfume in place all day

You Need to know: this will keep your perfume in place all-day

No matter how many sprays of perfume you put on, and whether you buy an expensive or cheaper perfume, at the end of the day you won’t smell it anymore. It’s unnecessary, it turns out.

There is a very simple trick with which you ensure that your perfume lasts twice as long. Believe me, you want to know this.

Smell perfume longer

On average, perfume lasts about four to six hours, after which it evaporates. How long a perfume lasts depends on the season. In summer, for example, your fragrance will smell much stronger, because the heat causes the chemical reaction that perfume releases to be carried out.

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That an odor eventually evaporates is something that happens to everyone. How fast that goes depends not only on the season but also on your skin. For example, oily skin breaks down an odorless quickly than dry skin. If you suffer from odors that disappear quickly, the following trick may be the solution.

This will keep your perfume in place all-day

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While there are multiple tricks to keep you smelling your scent for as long as possible – like spraying perfume on the inside of your wrists and behind your ears, this trick is our favorite. You do not need much to ensure that you can enjoy your scent a little longer, just your favorite scent and a little (odorless) Vaseline or body lotion. Apply some Vaseline to the places where you are going to spray perfume (for example on your neck, wrists, and behind your ears), spray on your fragrance, and you’re ready. The odor lingers much longer because of the Vaseline. You’re welcome.


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