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you should not use cleansing wipes on your face

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This is why you should not use cleansing wipes on your face

These wipes don’t do much good for your skin.
It is perhaps the easiest way to cleanse your skin: just wipe your face a few times with a cleansing wipe and you’re done. Although, you think so. These cleaning wipes do more harm than good.

Dehydration and irritation

A cleansing cloth often contains cleansing milk, tonic or another means to get your skin clean. Unfortunately, that is not the only thing that sticks to such a cloth. Most of the wipes are packed with ingredients that dry out your skin or cause irritation. This is mainly perfume and alcohol. If you have sensitive skin, you will immediately notice that your skin feels much tighter. And that is not the intention.

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In addition, the cloth does not clean carefully. Although most of your makeup is off your face, there is still plenty of residues left in the pores. And clogged pores cause impurities, such as blackheads and pimples. Do you always scrub your face thoroughly with a cleansing cloth to get it clean? Then be careful with that. The texture of a cleansing cloth is often too rough for the skin. This can cause the protective layer of your skin to be damaged. This can make your face hypersensitive to UV rays or polluting particles in the air.

Tips for cleaning your skin

Do you still want to clean your skin with a cleansing cloth? Then pay close attention to the ingredients. Wipes with hypoallergenic, odorless cleaning are a lot better for your skin. It is better to leave wipes that contain alcohol, perfume or other irritating ingredients.

All in all, it is much better to clean your face with a face wash or cleansing oil. Not only your skin will thank you, but also the planet we live on. In cleansing wipes is namely often used plastic. We throw the wipes indiscriminately in the trash after use, and that while they are not even that great. Sin, right? 


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