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You’ve been using your conditioner wrong 

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You’ve been using your conditioner wrong  – that’s how you do it right

t’s pretty much the standard routine of every woman with hair: you wash it with shampoo and then condition it with conditioner or a hair mask. Simple as that, right? Yet there is a good chance that you have been using your conditioner incorrectly all your life – and therefore wasted.

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We always apply our conditioner and hair masks the following way and believe us, it really works.

Apply conditioner

First, it is important to brush your hair before you shower. One because you save yourself a lot of trouble in your shower drain, but also because you don’t waste any conditioner. By brushing it first, you have already lost a lot of loose hair, so the conditioner only ends up in ‘living’ hair. That way, the care ends up in the right place.

In addition, many people apply their conditioner to soaking wet hair. This way you lose a lot of product because there is a lot of moisture in your hair. A large amount of water dilutes the product, resulting in a less good result. And of course, we don’t want that.

You’ve been using your conditioner wrong 


LE LABO Conditioner
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PUREOLOGY Hydrate Conditioner
Like an injection of hydration for stressed-out strands, Pureology’s Hydrate Conditioner infuses dry hair with moisture, penetrating the hair shaft to nourish and prevent breakage.

Dry your hair first

To make sure a conditioner works as well as possible, squeeze your hair firmly after shampooing. After this, divide the conditioner over your locks, after which you just continue as usual. With this simple ‘hack’ you ensure that you lose as little product as possible. Pretty logical, right?

For an even better result, you could also choose to apply a conditioner to dry hair. This way you ensure that the product does not have to ‘fight’ with the water at all. This is certainly not a bad idea if you really want to take good care of your hair for once. Not sure next time? Then dry your hair with a towel before applying care products.

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